wow eggs

Wow eggs is India’s first egg production and delivery
ecosystem which is involved in every step from bird rearing to

We raise birds in our own farms, make our own green vegetarian feed, collect and deliver the eggs through our own delivery channels resulting in high-quality, protein-rich, chemical-free eggs for you and your family.

Rich Source of protein

Contains minerals and iron

Day old eggs delivered.

UV sanitized Eggs

Wow eggs


WOW EGGS Ecosystem was created so that Health Conscious
people like you, who aren’t sure where to procure nutritious
eggs from can easily get natural eggs at their doorstep at a click
of a button.

  • WOW EGGS makes nutritious feed at its own farms. WOW EGGS raises the best quality birds, kept in a hygienic & comfortable environment.
  • All collection is done safely and hygienically by farmers in masks and gloves.
  • Eggs are collected, packed and delivered to our delivery center in your city within 12-18 hours.
  • WOW EGGS are shipped to the delivery center and to your doorstep by our delivery team.